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  • Musashi Amino Singles

    Over recent years powdered amino acids have been used extensively to combat and prevent many health concerns. Single amino acid supplements require no digestion and can be absorbed rapidly. This efficient process allows you to target a specific amino acid deficiency associated with a health concern more accurately than a protein food source. To simply eat more protein foods, such as red meat, is not the solution as this could lead to an excess of some non-essential amino acids as well as extra fat and carbohydrates. All of Musashi's single amino acids contain 100% pure product. They are a pure pharmaceutical grade with no artificial additives, binders or fillers. Thus they are ideal for people who might have allergies to the often-added chemicals in today's tablets and capsules. PLEASE NOTE: These products are not listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and therefore no therapeutic claims can be made. We encourage you to do your own research should you wish to know more about any of these substances.

  • Musashi Protein Powders

    MUSASHI have addressed the essential areas of dairy protein, carbohydrates and micronutrients in the?formulation of their protein powders. Each?formula has been designed to suit specific needs of wide variety of people from professional athletes, bodybuilders?or growing adolescents wanting to increase their lean muscle mass. Those wanting to lose weight?can use protein powders as a meal replacement. Older people and those who have trouble maintaining their weight may also find benefit. Advances in protein research have taught us plenty about the muscle building properties of dairy protein extracts.? Quality carbohydrates have always been required by the body post workout, and adequate vitamins and minerals are needed to assist the metabolism of the foods we eat. Available in a wide range of?formulations and flavours, there is bound to be a Musashi Protein Powder to suit your lifestyle and?your tastebuds ....And of course, up to 20% discount plus Free Shipping throughout Australia guarantees you'll find one to suit your budget!

  • Musashi Fat Loss

    Winning three World Natural Figureshaping Titles for Australia last year, took committment, determination and above all...outstanding nutrition."  Lindy Olsen The SLM range has been perfectly formulated for those aming to reach specific body toning goals. These products are high in dietary fibre and protein to help control appetite and support natural metabolic function.