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Statistics indicate that, at the moment, men are not in good shape. Men live shorter lives than women. They die mo...


  • HealthWise®

    HealthWise® is an exciting new range of specific dietary supplements featuring unique formulations for men, women and general ...

  • General Men's Health Products

    This section features well known men's health products such as Saw Palmetto, Tribulus, amino acids and more.

  • Prostate Health

    This section features well known prostate health products such as HealthWise Menz, Oxymin Flex, Saw Palmetto and more.

  • Men's Sexual Health

    The antiaging revolution is here and a large part of that is maintaining sexual health and enjoying a healthy sex life. There a many natural supplements and ideas that can help you get more out of your intimate moments and Revitalise your Sex Life!

  • Self Test Kits

    Nutritional Laboratory Services are pleased and excited to announce the availability in Australia of a range of Self Test Kits designed to test various hormone levels, food allergies, mineral deficiencies & toxic element levels in your body. These Kits are a first for Australia! They are convenient, non-invasive and easy to use. They can help identify areas of concern within your body before they develop into a disease.