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Blooms Svelte Green Coffee Bean Extract

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Coffea canephora fruit extract commonly known as green coffee bean extract, may assist in weight loss by reducing cravings and maintaining a normal metabolism. Scientific evidence shows that Green Coffee Bean extract can help increase weight loss through its role in supporting glucose metabolism.

Chlorogenic acids reduce the production of energy from glycogen within the liver (called glycogenolysis). Blood glucose concentration is regulated by the liver, through the utilisation of glycogen, and by the pancreas and its production of insulin and glucagon, which are hormones essential for sugar metabolism and maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. Studies have shown that the chlorogenic acids that occur in green coffee bean are capable of acting on sugar metabolism during the postprandial (post eating) phase. This reduces blood sugar concentration and the stimulation of insulin synthesis, resulting in a decrease in insulin secretion. Excess insulin secretion stimulates lipase lipoprotein (an enzyme) which is responsible for the conversion of circulating triglycerides into fatty acids. If these circulating fatty acids are not utilised for energy they become fatty deposits. Fatty deposits are available sources of energy for the body, but as they are not as readily available to use for energy as glucose the body prefers to use ‘new’ sources of energy rather than converting and utilising the stored energy (body fat). The human body needs energy every minute of every day, chlorogenic acids disrupt the conversion of sugar to energy and encourages the body to release and convert the saved energy (the body fat or adipose tissue).


Benefits When used in conjunction with a balanced diet and adequate exercise, Svelte GCB 45 may help improve:


• BMI (Body Mass Index)


• Body composition (lean muscle : body fat ratio).




Avialable in 30 cpas or 90 caps

Each capsule contains:


Coffea canephora (Green Coffee Bean)
extract equivalent to dry fruit - 7g (7000mg)


Standardised to chlorogenic acids (of Coffea canephora) - 180mg


Caffeine (from Coffea canephora dry fruit) - less than 0.114%



*Naturally, Svelte GCB 45 is sourced from decaffeinated green coffee beans


Directions for use



Adults: Take 1 capsule before main meal.
Note: The recommended dose of this medicine provides small amounts of caffeine.

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Blooms Svelte Green Coffee Bean Extract

Blooms Svelte Green Coffee Bean Extract

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