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COCO-LYTE™ Coconut Water Powder 240g


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Now you can rehydrate the inexpensive, effective and natural way with healthy, refreshing coconut water while reducing your carbon footprint?? Inside the cavity of young, unripe coconuts is an excellent combination of Low GI, dairy-free nutrients that is 97% water with only 3% solids. We’ve evaporated the water just leaving the powdered goodness behind (minimising freight & packaging simultaneously) so conveniently, this little packet is the equivalent of TWENTY fresh coconuts!

You’ll find this product invaluably thirst quenching ANYWHERE, ANYTIME : 
beach-goers, travellers, healthy chefs, athletes (cyclists/hikers/footballers/gym-junkies), outdoor workers (landscapers/miners/farmers/road-workers), surfers & yoginis....everyone!

Nutritional Benefits

Worried you’re drinking too much coffee or soft drinks but can never seem to drink enough water?

No doubt! …..especially in this hot, hot country.So many pricey ‘sports drinks’ have added colours, artificial flavours, unhealthy sweeteners and preservatives – gak! Alkalising coconut water is essentially fat-free, very low carb and naturally low in calories, with important electrolytes including potassium, magnesium, sodium & calcium. In fact, a 100ml serving of coconut water has more potassium than two bananas!

Suggested Uses

SO EASY! Add 1 Tbsp coconut water powder (20ml) to 250ml water in a tall glass, stir vigorously for 30 seconds, wait 30 sec, stir again briefly & enjoy – delish! OReven easier…. add 4 Tbsp coconut water powder to a 1Litre eg. water bottle, shake 10 seconds and ENJOY ..... love your electrolytes!! Add to smoothies, water bottle, lemonade, iced tea, salad dressings, iceblocks, your mocktails or pina coladas - everything!




In a sturdy blender, whiz until well mixed:
- 1 banana
- 1 Tbsp Coco-Lyte Powder
- 1 cup filtered water
- 1 cup fresh pineapple (with juice)
- 1 cup ice cubes
Optional: a sprig of mint, or fresh green coconut meat, or natural lime flavouring, or shredded coconut, or 1 Tbsp Sustainably Sweet Coconut Palm Sugar


More Information

Throughout history, coconut water has long been relied upon by humans as a plentiful fresh liquid source in tropical countries like India, Africa, Indonesia, the Pacific Islands & Caribbean etc. and contains ‘lauric acid’ – an important component of nourishing mother’s milk.
Don’t try this at home kids, but isn’t it amazing that coconut water (from unopened, undamaged coconuts) is sterile and contains a similar electrolyte balance as our blood?? In the absence of medical saline in developing countries (or during war-time shortages), coconut water has even been used as an intravenous hydration fluid!


1. What exactly are the ingredients?
Evaporated Organic Coconut Water, tapioca-based maltodextrin

2. How do you describe the texture/taste/aroma??
A very fine-grain white powder with no aroma and almost without taste – but faintly sweet, & very refreshing.

3. What are ‘electrolytes’ and why are they important?
Electrolytes replenish the body’s water in humans, keeping the concentrations of crucial minerals within and around our body’s cells and blood in balance. For example, muscle contraction (or to prevent cramping) is dependent upon the presence of calcium, sodium and potassium - when we exercise or sweat, we can lose these nutrients and become dehydrated and/or weak. 

4. Where do you normally find dietary electrolytes?
Some fruits and their juices, milk, coconuts and oddly, some vegetables including potatoes and avocados.

5. What is tapioca maltodextrin and why is it present?
Quite simply, in molecular gastronomy, plant-derived maltodextrin is a dextrose polysaccharide required for creating/dissolving powders from oil-containing foods (in this case, coconut ‘meat’ with healthy fats). Tapioca is derived from dried cassava root plants - a gluten-free staple food native to South America. How simple is that??

6. How can I be confident there is no genetically modified component to this product?
Because our supplier has taken the time, trouble and expense to become a Certified NON-GMO company.


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COCO-LYTE™ Coconut Water Powder 240g

COCO-LYTE™ Coconut Water Powder 240g

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