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Pure essential oils to arouse ... relax ... refresh.


  • Pure Essential Oils

    Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts that need to be diluted when being applied to the skin. This will help to prevent skin irritations that can occur when essential oils are applied neat (undiluted).

  • Infused Oils

    Infused oils (or macerated oils) are made by placing finely chopped herbs into a cold pressed oil for a period. The oil is then drained and collected, the result is infused oil. Infused oils can be applied directly onto the skin and used as a base to dilute essential oils.

  • Blended Oils

    The Oil Garden blends are a great way to use 100% pure essential oils, being cost effective and ready to use. Synergistically blended to enhance the properties of each oil, these blends will refresh, relax and arouse your senses.

  • Vapourisers

    We have a variety of vapourisers designed to diffuse and disperse essential oils into the air. This will allow you to maximise the benefits of Aromatherapy.The NEW PinQ® Aroma Diffuser is a Diffuser/Humidifier/Ioniser - all in one! A very safe and effective way of humidifying your room and experiencing all the beneftis Aromatherapy has to offer. As a general rul when using vapourisers: Add 4 - 6 drops of the essential oil to a vapouriser with water. For electric burners, follow manufacturers instructions.

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