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The skin is the largest area of the body and slowly absorbs products directly into the blood stream. So in order to p...


  • Kosmea

    KOSMEA is an Australian company founded on the healing power of Rose Hip Oil and a belief in the powerful balance of nature. KOSMEA takes its name from ancient Greek and means to harmonise or bring into balance-an important concept for anyone living into the 21st century. Our skin has been unbalanced by products containing synthetic chemicals, our lives are unbalanced by the drive to succeed at all costs and our earth is unbalanced by the chemicals we wash into our waterways each day. KOSMEA has shunned synthetic ingredients and turned to ancient cultures where plant oils, essential oils and herbal extracts were used to care for skin, and many of today's skin problems were unknown. KOSMEA has combined these herbal extracts with healing Rose Hip Oil to create a range of products for your face, body and hair. The KOSMEA sun care range is a natural extension of KOSMEA skin and hair care. Experts agree that the sun causes over 90 per cent of skin damage and premature aging. KOSMEA has developed a simple range of exceptional sun care products using the newest encapsulated sunscreen technology to provide you with the highest levels of sun protection, without the need to sunscreen ingredients to come into direct contact with your skin. KOSMEA have combined this futuristic technology with rose hip oil, botanicals and anti-oxidants to give your skin the ultimate combination of protection and nourishment.

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    Give a gift of natural skin care today. There's one thing you know will be used and appreciated and that is natural skin care products designed to nourish and revive your skin and help you feel beautiful...naturally!Preferred Customer Discounts do not apply to special pack offers however Free Shipping is available within Australia.

  • Emu Oil Skin Care

    Emu Spirit has developed a range of Emu oil skin care products based on the unique penetrating, moisturising and nourishing action of Oil of Emu. All ?Emu Spirit? products are Petro Chemical Free, use only natural ingredients and are safe for use with all skin types including babies. ?

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  • Greedy Goat Milk Soap

    Introducing 'The Greedy Goat Soap Company' Proud to produce the best Natural Goats Milk products in the world. Big statement, but here are the facts...Only the highest quality Olive oil, Vegetable oil, Coconut oil and Castor oil. The goats milk is goats milk not powder The Rainwater is REAL Rainwater!! Everything is handmade to exacting standards!

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