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      Pure Innovative Natural Quality Introducing pinQ® Aroma and pinQ® pure mineral makeup. At last a pure mineral m...



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    Discover the benefits of PinQ® Aroma:The PinQ® Aroma Diffuser is a Diffuser/Humidifier/Ioniser - all in one!Maximise the benefits of Aromatherapy and humidify your surroundings:Refresh - Renew - Relax

  • pinQ® Mineral Makeup

    Pure Innovative Natural Quality At last a pure mineral makeup….that really is PURE & NATURAL! Many companies, including huge multi-national cosmetic companies, are jumping on the ‘mineral make up’ band wagon to maximize profits as more people are discovering the amazing benefits of mineral makeup. But that it where the similarity ends! Many of these ‘mineral makeup’ products are only that….but not pure…and certainly not natural!! In fact, many contain several chemical ingredients which studies have shown to be harmful to skin and general health.

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    Pure essential oils to arouse ... relax ... refresh.

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