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pinQ® Luxurious Lengthening Mascara

pinQ® Luxurious Lengthening Mascara

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pinQ® Luxurious Lengthening Mascara

A great every day long wearing mascara that is very natural looking and easy to remove.

  • Pure Mineral Pigments
  • Plant oils and waxes
  • Petroleum and Mineral Oil Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Non-comedogenic
    ~ non aggravating to acne conditions

You will love the way it:

  • Curls, separates and lengthens lashes
  • Reaches and coats fine hairs
  • Dries quickly without clumping or flaking

The natural formula contains waxes, oils and butters and is easy to remove with even the gentlest of cleansers but will not smudge or run and will not irritate even the most sensitive eyes. Tip: Be sure to prime the eye area with pinQ® Natural Mineral Foundation or pinQ® Matte Mineral Veil before applying eye makeup and mascara. This will ensure mascara does smudge or bleed onto oily areas around the eye.


Available Colours:

  • Midnight – Pure Black

Always sexy and perfect for all occaisions…

  • Hot Choc – Deep Brown

Suitable for light complexions

  • Nautical – Classic Navy Blue

Enhance your eye colour and make your eyes look brighter with this deep blue shade.
Will make blue eyes bluer, brown eyes more golden and hazel eyes more green.



1. Remove wand and clean off excess mascara on inside of tube or a tissue. Start at base of lashes with eye half closed and gently zig zag wand from side to side moving up through the lashes. Repeat on other lash.

2. Lower lids and one at a time pull wand through top of lash to separate and remove any excess, curling wand up as you go through.

3. Apply a light coat to bottom lashes taking care not to open top lashes too wide and spoil your eye makeup. Try not to blink for a minute or two.

4. Now step out....and have some fun. You know you look your best!


Trick of the trade: Some makeup artists swear by this little tip. If you want thick, luxurious lashes, apply lengthening mascara first and then before completely dry, apply a coat of volumizing mascara, such as pinQ® Lush Lash Mascara. Another great tip is to bend the brush on an angle to suit you if you are having trouble getting to the inner lashes.

Tip: Recycle your old mascara wand. Clean off with makeup remover and use as a lash curler or eyebrow groomer.

For a  fresh and natural look dust your face with pinQ® Sunkissed Finishing Veil and top off with pinQ® Luminous Bronzer  for your cheeks, a light coating of pinQ® Lush Lash Mascara and pinQ® Organic Moisturizing Lipgloss.

Get pinQ'd...and let your natural beauty show through!

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pinQ® Luxurious Lengthening Mascara

pinQ® Luxurious Lengthening Mascara

pinQ® Luxurious Lengthening Mascara

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