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pinQ® Eyeliner Liquid

pinQ® High Def. Mineral EYELINER LIQUID

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pinQ® High Def. Mineral EYELINER LIQUID

Sparkling minerals in liquid form instead of a pencil for a more defined effect, the pinQ® range of liquid eyeliners is to die for!

You will love the high definition effect of these rich liquid eyeliners…..and I do mean rich!  Our pinQ® 18K Gold Liquid Eyeliner is simply stunning!

  • Pure Mineral Pigments
  • Plant oils and waxes
  • Petroleum and Mineral Oil Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Non-comedogenic
    ~ non aggravating to acne conditions

Line doesn’t fade or smudge as easily as with other eyeliners

Ultra fine brush glides over lids easily and with precision.


1. When you are first learning how to apply liquid eyeliner, it is a good idea to apply your favourite shade of pinQ® Defining Eyeliner Pencil. Apply this with a light touch.

2. Now it is time to apply the liquid eyeliner. Withdraw the ultra thin brush from the case, making sure all bristles are coated.

3. Trace over the line with the liquid liner to outline your eye. The benefit of this is that the line will already be drawn.

4. Start with the top lid. With a light touch, apply the liner at the edge of the lashes, starting at the inside corner and working outwards. Follow the line of the eye carefully.

Tip: Instead of trying to apply it all in one long line, it works best if you actually draw several smaller lines. However, as you practice more, you will find the best method for you.

Make sure you let the eyeliner dry thoroughly before retouching your mascara or blinking.

 For quick application, complete your eye makeup apply after mascara to top lashes. Reapply mascara if necessary. This is a great day time look which is dramatic enough without doing bottom lash. If you do decide to go all the way, you will need to apply before mascara to bottom lashes.

To smooth out the line, use the fine tip of your pinQ® Eye Lip Duo Brush.

If you make a mistake, dampen a cotton tip and dab to remove. If eyeliner has not dried it should come off easily.

A great, long lasting liner that won't smudge.....Look your best!

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pinQ® Eyeliner Liquid

pinQ® Eyeliner Liquid

pinQ® High Def. Mineral EYELINER LIQUID

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