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  • Organic Gourmet

    At Natural Health Direct we?learn from our customers. More people are demanding organic or organically grown food. Recently one of our Preferred Customers was seeking Organic Maple Syrup - Grade B. When we sourced this product, it looked so good we wanted to make it available to you all.

  • Natural Coffee
  • Super Sprout

    When you open a container of Super Sprout product you’ll notice something straight away – the colour! You can see all the goodness of the original produce has been retained, especially when you consider we use no colours or preservatives. We don’t need to! The freeze-drying process only removes water and moisture leaving the nutritional value of the original produce untouched. In the case of our broccoli sprout powder and wheatgrass sprout powder, we lock in nutrition at the optimum time, within the first week of germination.