We loved the name HealthWise® as soon as we thought of it describes exactly what we are all about....making choices that are “Health Wise”. However it was not easy to trademark as we were up against some corporate giants, such as Uncle Toby's and others.... But we had to have it and in 2003 we succeeded in registering HealthWise®.

We hope you love it too!


Our history

Husband and wife team Zdenko and Carmel Krpan started in the natural health industry in 1998, first as mail and web order retailers, delivering natural health products across Australia and through the world. It wasn't always easy getting the products that people wanted so the new milennium saw us manufacture our own trademarked ranges - OxyMin® and later HealthWise®, then pinQ® and OzyBaby®.


Plus we manufactured a few helpers as well!


Our promise

We truly are a family business and work hard together to ensure that we can deliver what we promise:


Quality health products at affordable prices – delivered FREE* to your door!

We have offered Free Delivery Australia Wide since our business began in 1998 and our customers love it! As posting costs have risen we have had to create a minimum order threshold to continue this service however all orders over $39 (incl GST) are sent Freight Free anywhere in Australia!


Our location

Located on the glorious Sunshine Coast in Queensland we aim to pack a little sunshine in every parcel we send. We ship orders within 24 hours or will contact you if any delay. We have Express Post/Courier services that can deliver to most destinations in Australia overnight! ...just add an extra day for country areas.


Our team

Apparently our children have to go to school (or so they say) so we have been lucky enough to find some great gals to help us get on with the job.


Meet Jamie

As well as packing and tracking your orders and ensuring that all our deliveries and despatches run smoothly ....Jamie is a mad keen motor cross fox – placing in the top 10 in the Queensland nationals last year! Amazing! (always pleased to see her arrive in one piece on Monday morning)


Meet Leah

Leah is our Customer Service Manager and is always pleased to take your call, answer your emails and ensure your order makes it to the warehouse for packing. Always a pleasure to communicate with, Leah has a vast knowledge of natural health products.....and many other things – hosting trivia events and moonlighting as the lead singer of a rock band every weekend! Go Leah!


Meet Diana

Di is our calm and cheerful escapee from mother England who has a penchant for balanced books, bank statements and cups of tea. But then when the working day is done....she is a motorbike riding, belly-dancing party girl!
Tally ho!

Together we endeavour to offer you the best customer service possible and always strive to do better! We are looking at new ways to improve our service to you and appreciate any feed back you may wish to give.

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